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Rise in black market butt enhancements puts bargain-hunting patients at risk

In a bid for bigger booties, some women are turning to the black market instead of Miami plastic surgeons.

To date, hospitalizations and fatalities attributed to black market butt injections have been reported in six states including Florida. Continue reading

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Butt augmentation on the rise among men, says NYT

Some men just can't get the backside they want through conventional exercise. Contact us about butt augmentation in Miami.

The New York Times recently reported on an uptick in demand for butt augmentation procedures among the men.  Continue reading

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Industry expert talks benefits of a certified plastic surgeon

A board-certified plastic surgeon is trained to manage any complications as they arise.

As more people invest in cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance, a greater number of unqualified professionals are entering the lucrative field of plastic surgery, so it is especially important for potential patients to do their research before going under the knife. Continue reading

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