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Miami Male Plastic Surgery: Body

Though female clientele still account for most cosmetic surgeries in the United States, every year, a growing number of men are starting to realize that they have just as much to gain from a little nip and tuck. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), men underwent 1 million of these procedures, and that figure is sure to skyrocket in the years to come.

Is there an aspect of your appearance that dieting and exercise could never quite whip into shape? If so, consider looking into plastic surgery for men as the next step toward the body you've always wanted. Why spend another summer in sun-drenched Miami all covered up because of your physical insecurities? Now is the perfect time to contact board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Christopher Craft about your options.

Target those pesky problem areas with male liposuction

According to the ASAPS, liposuction was by far the most popular cosmetic procedure among men in 2012, and given the incredible results it can produce, it's not hard to see why. After all, women aren't the only ones who worry about love handles, muffin tops and other frustrating fatty deposits. If you've spent years trying to hone your body at the gym, but just can't get those stubborn lumps and bumps to budge, consider contacting a Miami plastic surgeon about this particular procedure.

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a relatively non-invasive procedure that involves extracting excess fat directly from the source. The end result is a smoother, more appealing curvature that will can enhance your physique and boost your self-confidence when you head to the beach. You'll never find a workout routine that can target your problem areas quite like this.

Perfect your proportions with Miami calf implants

Even if you devote equal time to every muscle on your body at the gym, you may find that you just can't develop the same degree of definition, resulting in an off-balance that can make the most confident men a bit self-conscious. For example, do you find that, no matter how long you spend on your calves, you just can't achieve the volume and musculature you're looking for?

If you've encountered this issue, you're not alone. Dr. Craft has helped many men just like you achieve the perfectly sculpted proportions they've worked so hard for with calf implants. Dr. Craft has extensive experience performing this procedure, and can sculpt the silicone implants used for your surgery so that they complement and enhance your overall physique.

Why turn to Christopher Craft Plastic Surgery for your procedure

Though plastic surgery is becoming more mainstream by the day, Dr. Craft and his attentive staff understand that patients value discretion when it comes to these procedures. That's why each client's privacy and safety are top priorities at our Miami clinic. Dr. Craft is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has studied the aesthetics of the human form as extensively as the technical aspects of each surgical procedure. This comprehensive training ensures that every cosmetic enhancement, be it a nose job or Brazilian butt lift, will capitalize on your natural frame and figure to create an improved and perfectly proportioned new you.

Everyone has a hangup or two about their physical appearance, and there is no reason that men in Miami can't be as open about these flaws, or as proactive about correcting them. To learn more about these procedures and other forms of male cosmetic surgery, contact Christopher Craft Plastic Surgery today.

Miami Male Plastic Surgery: Chest

For years, it has been widely assumed that women are the primary patrons for Miami plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and other implants. However, why should females be the only ones who have the opportunity to alter and improve their appearance in this way? Year after year, more men have decided to not just acknowledge the physical attributes they covet, but actually embrace plastic surgery as a means to attain the physique they've always wanted.

In the sun-drenched city of Miami, men and women everywhere proudly flaunt their perfectly toned and chiseled bodies on a daily basis. But, for many men in this area, their chests are a source of constant insecurity. Whether you've never been able to achieve the definition you crave - no matter how much time you spend at that gym - or have always coveted a different curvature, Dr. Christopher Craft can help.

Achieve the perfect proportions with pectoral implants

No matter if you have bulging biceps or a chiseled six pack, if you don't have well-developed pectoral muscles, your body just won't have the impact you've worked so hard to achieve. Are you still dissatisfied with your chest, even after countless months of bodybuilding and other forms of extreme exercise? If so, pectoral implants could be the right option for you.

This procedure involves inserting silicone implants that have been specifically designed to enhance the size, shape and contour of your pecs.

When performed by a board-certified Miami plastic surgeon like Dr. Craft, this type of male plastic surgery can improve your proportions and give you a more commanding torso. Pectoral implants are placed beneath the muscle itself, which means the end result will look and feel natural as well.

If your exercise regimen just isn't producing the results you want, consider contacting Christopher Craft Plastic Surgery about this transformative and empowering procedure.

Show off your true self with Miami breast augmentation

While rippling, muscular chests abound in Miami, not every man is interested in this form of curvature. Breast augmentation is a popular procedure among the city's transgendered community, and has helped many of these individuals fully express themselves.

By consulting a plastic surgeon in Miami, you can finally take steps to make your exterior convey who you really are. Dr. Craft has ample experience performing breast augmentation surgery for male clients who wanted to transform their figures by adopting this attractive curvature.

Why Christopher Craft Plastic Surgery is the right choice for your procedure

Dr. Craft is a board-certified Miami plastic surgeon who underwent years of training in human aesthetics as well as technical procedures, so you can rest assured that - whatever form of male cosmetic surgery you undergo - the results will complement and enhance your overall appearance. Patient security and discretion are paramount at our Miami clinic. Dr. Craft understands that the decision to invest in these procedures is an intensely personal one, and, as a patient at Christopher Craft Plastic Surgery in Miami, you can expect to be treated with consideration and respect throughout this process.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reported that men underwent 1 million cosmetic operations in 2012 to boost their self-confidence and attain a physique they could be proud of. If there is something about your body that has always bothered you, why shouldn't you be among them?

If you have questions about these or other cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Craft today to learn more about plastic surgery for men in Miami.


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