Baby Boomers turn to plastic surgery for better employment prospects

Posted on March 4, 2014 by

Whether you’re reentering the workforce after years of caring for the kids or wish to transition from one position to another, you may notice that the job market has gotten incredibly competitive in recent years – especially for Baby Boomers. It’s an unfortunate fact that though no employer should hold your age or appearance against you, these factors can and do come into play during the hiring process. It certainly doesn’t help that a few years’ worth of young, eager graduates have been toiling away at unpaid internships and are chomping at the bit  for gainful employment, often at a lower price.

To give themselves a more vibrant, youthful air – and the boost of confidence that comes with it – more Baby Boomers are turning to cosmetic surgeons in Florida as a part of their job search. The Philadelphia Business Journal recently reported on this ever-increasing trend, sharing the story of 55-year-old Ronna Felsky, who was seeking a job after a bitter divorce.

“People my age aren’t getting hired, they’re getting buyouts or getting laid off,” said Felsky (whose name was changed for anonymity). “My hope is to look younger enough that people will see the value of hiring someone who’s in their 50s.”

Facial rejuvenation treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox injections can instantly combat volume loss and deep crease, resulting in a more vital and energetic look. In addition, eyelid surgery has become a popular option for Baby Boomers hoping to look more alert. If you feel that such procedures could help you take on the job market with a whole new tenacity, contact Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today.

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