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Having very large breasts can cause a variety of physical concerns such as shoulder grooving, back and neck pain, skin irritation, alteration in posture, as well as breast discomfort. Women suffering from overly large breasts also complain of unattractive shape and improper body proportions that can significantly worsen the overall body appearance by making them look heavier or boxy.

Because of this loss of balance on a woman’s figure, this condition also frequently creates significant insecurities with body image and self esteem. Not only does large breast size affect ones appearance, but it can also influence the clothes that can be worn and even what activities and exercises that a woman can participate in.

Breast Reduction surgery can significantly improve the life of a client suffering from overly large breasts and has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates of any cosmetic surgery performed today. The procedure is ideal for the patient looking to improve the symptoms of excessive breast size and who desires smaller, more natural appearing breasts. The goal of breast reduction surgery is remove the excess skin and heavy breast tissue to reduce the size, reshape the breast tissue and improve the body contours. The end result is to alleviate the extra weight and to establish improved harmony and balance to a woman’s body.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgical Overview:

Duration: 2-4 Hours
Anesthesia: General / Outpatient

Breast Reduction Risks

standard surgical risks include infection, bleeding, scarring and wound complications, blood clots, and anesthesia related risks; procedure specific risks include asymmetry in breast or areolar size or position, loss of sensation or lactation, skin loss and wound complications.

Breast Reduction Recovery

shower in 72 hours, return to work typically in 1 week, breast contact is delayed 3-4 weeks, strenuous exercise after one month, full scar maturation 1 year usually fading to a discreet scar line.

“I went in the have consultation for a breast lift / reduction. The staff was very friendly and so was the Dr. Craft. I scheduled my surgery and know I am home recovering. He is an amazing doctor and loves what he does. I am so excited how my breast look even after only 4 days. I can’t wait till they are completely healed to see final results. The only regret I have is not coming to him sooner!” – jesenia p., Yelp

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction

Could I benefit from breast reduction?
The only way to determine whether you could benefit from breast reduction is to personally consult with Dr. Craft or another experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon.

You are likely to see great benefits from breast reduction if you commonly experience one or more of the following issues related to the size or weight of your breasts:

  • chronic back/neck or shoulder pain
  • persistent skin irritation or rashes under the breasts
  • grooves in the shoulders caused by tight bra straps
  • embarrassment or shame
  • unwanted attention
  • posture problems
  • breathing difficulties
  • trouble sleeping due to discomfort
  • inability to run, jump or participate in aerobic activity

Is there an age requirement for breast reduction?
Dr. Craft generally recommends delaying breast reduction until the breasts have completely developed. Performing breast reduction while the breasts are still growing could cause unpredictable outcomes.

Does breast reduction surgery hurt?
The procedure is performed with anesthesia so you will not be able to feel or remember anything from surgery. After the operation, you may have some discomfort as the anesthesia wears off. Dr. Craft will provide you with a prescription for pain medication to make you more comfortable during the recovery period.

Will I have scars from breast reduction?
Yes, scarring will result along the incision lines, but can be concealed underneath a bra or bathing suit top. With the proper care, scars can fade significantly over time, but they will not disappear completely. Most patients feel it is worth it to trade some scarring for a more proportional and comfortable breast size.

Where are the breast reduction incisions made?
Dr. Craft has a few different incision options.

The first option is to create circular incisions around the edge of the areolas (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples). This approach works best on women who need a mild amount of breast tissue and skin removed as opposed to a more significant reduction.

The second option is to create a keyhole-shaped incision around the areola, extending it down to the lower center of the breasts.

The third option is to create the keyhole incision and extend it horizontally along the crease under the breasts (in the shape of an inverted-T or an anchor). This approach allows for the most tissue and skin removal.

How much time will I need to take off from work to have surgery?
Most breast reduction patients take about one week off from sedentary desk jobs. If your job is more physically demanding than a desk job, you might need to take off a few additional days.

When can I start exercising after breast reduction?
You can resume light exercise, such as short, slow walks, as soon as you feel ready after surgery. You can resume more strenuous exercise after approximately one month.

Will insurance pay for my procedure?
Insurance may deem breast reduction “medically necessary” if you meet a certain set of criteria. We would be happy to answer questions and help get you approved for insurance reimbursement if you qualify. Contact our office to learn more.

To learn more about a breast reduction and to see how we can help transform you to the look you desire, take the next step toward and younger, sexier, more confident you by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft.

We are currently providing cosmetic surgery services to Miami plastic surgery candidates as well as surrounding areas such as Ft Lauderdale, Kendall and Miami Beach.

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