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Even the strictest diets and exercise regimens are sometimes not enough to obtain a flat and toned abdomen. Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck, is a body contouring procedure that targets small pockets of fat, separated abdominal muscles and loose, excess skin that are resistant to diet and exercise. Dr. Christopher Craft is the tummy tuck surgeon patients in Miami and South Florida trust for beautiful and natural-looking results. The board certified surgeon combines years of experience and excellent surgical skill to help patients bothered by an unflattering tummy get the flat and toned abdomen they desire.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Who Is a Candidate for Tummy Tuck?

Proper candidates for abdominoplasty /tummy tuck are individuals who:

  • Have excess abdominal skin
  • Have a protruding abdomen due to a weakened and stretched abdominal wall and muscle separation
  • Have excess residual abdominal fat
  • Are at or near their ideal body weight

Depending on the amount of fat present on the patient’s tummy, liposuction can be performed to sculpt a more attractive waist and an improved figure. In the right candidate, combining liposuction and tummy tuck can produce superior cosmetic results. Tummy tuck can also be performed as part of a mommy makeover, a cosmetic treatment that addresses various cosmetic concerns caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Craft will discuss all of these options with you during your in-office consultation.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Tummy Tuck Procedure Details

Abdominoplasty can be performed through a variety of techniques depending on each patient’s concerns and individual anatomy. There are two main types of abdominoplasty:

Standard Abdominoplasty

Standard abdominoplasty, or full tummy tuck, removes flaccid abdominal skin and residual fat, and tightens muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy or weight gain. This procedure is most effective in women who are finished having children. Liposuction may be performed at the same time to create a nice contour, although this decision is up to the individual surgeon and patient. Traditional tummy tuck involves creating an incision right above the bikini line, from hip bone to hip bone. The length of the incision needed in full tummy tuck is determined by the amount of excess skin present on the abdomen. Muscle tightening is usually performed to help create a firmer abdominal profile and to sculpt a flatter tummy with better waist contours. During the procedure, an incision is made around the belly button, which is later repositioned to a more youthful appearance.

Immediately after surgery, drains are used to remove the excess fluid that would otherwise accumulate. The drains are usually removed one week after surgery. A compression garment is also placed after surgery and worn during the postoperative period to help the skin contract into the tightest and most beautiful silhouette.

Mini Tummy Tuck (Partial Abdominoplasty)

Mini tummy tuck is recommended when the amount of loose skin is minimal and located primarily on the lower abdomen. In this procedure, the excess skin is removed and liposuction can be performed to eliminate the stubborn abdominal fat. In special candidates, the procedure can be combined with tightening of the muscles along the midline to flatten the tummy. This procedure produces many of the benefits of a full abdominoplasty with a smaller incision and without the telltale incision around the belly button.

“Amazing package!! Great people. Excellent work, super professional, he loves his job and people can see it immediately. One tummy tuck is enough but if I had to do another one It’ill becertainly be with Dr Christopher Craft” – Anonymous,

Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck

What are the most common reasons for getting tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck is commonly performed to restore a woman’s abdomen to its pre-pregnancy appearance after having children, or to reveal and refine the results of significant weight loss in both men and women.

Tummy tuck accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Removes loose, redundant skin on the lower abdomen
  • Removes unwanted fat pockets and contours the front and sides of the abdomen
  • Tightens abdominal muscles that have stretched or separated

Does tummy tuck improve the look of stretch marks?

Tummy tuck may eliminate stretch marks on the lower abdomen (i.e., below the belly button) by removing excess skin where they are located and smoothing the remaining skin.

What is the difference between a full and mini tummy tuck?

Full (standard) tummy tuck involves a larger amount of skin and fat excision. Mini tummy tuck is performed through a shorter incision and removes a minimal amount of excess fat and skin. Most patients require a standard tummy tuck to achieve their desired results.

How long does it take for tummy tuck scars to heal?

Scar healing varies from patient to patient. In general, it takes several months for the scars to start to flatten and fade. Complete healing can take one to two years.

When are the results of tummy tuck noticeable?

An improvement in the shape and contour of the abdomen can be seen almost immediately after surgery. However, swelling will obscure the results initially. It will take approximately three to five months for all swelling to subside and the final results to stabilize.

When can I resume exercise after tummy tuck?

Light exercise (e.g., short, slow walks) is permitted as soon as you feel ready after surgery. Dr. Craft will clear you to resume more strenuous exercise, such as running or riding a bike, approximately four to six weeks after surgery. You may need to wait a few additional weeks to resume abdominal or core strengthening exercises.

How can I prepare for tummy tuck?

When preparing for tummy tuck, Dr. Craft will ask you to stop smoking and taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications and supplements known to increase bleeding. It is also a good idea to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep in the weeks leading up to surgery to increase your chances of a smooth operation and speedy recovery.

Do I need to lose weight before my tummy tuck surgery?

You should be at or near your ideal body weight at the time of your tummy tuck. This helps Dr. Craft plan the best cosmetic outcome. Fluctuating in weight after surgery will have an adverse effect on your results.

Can I get pregnant after tummy tuck?

Although there are no medical risks to getting pregnant after tummy tuck, pregnancy will “undo” some of the improvements of surgery by stretching out the abdominal muscles and skin.

Dr. Craft usually recommends that you delay tummy tuck until you are reasonably sure you are done having children. This will give you the longest lasting results.

Take the next step toward a younger, sexier and more confident you by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Craft. Contact Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery by calling today.

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