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Latisse Eyelash Serum Miami, FLDo you wish you had longer, fuller eyelashes? The best solution may be a medication rather than mascara or false lashes. Latisse is an easy-to-use medication that has been proven to grow thicker, darker lashes in most of its users. A single drop of Latisse can produce noticeable results within a few weeks.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that has been approved by the FDA to grow eyelashes. The product has been used and endorsed by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Brooke Shields, Claire Danes and Christina Hendricks. Craft Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is happy to offer this medication to our patients in Miami who could benefit from adding volume to their eyelashes.     

Who is an Ideal Candidatefor Latisse?

Latisse benefits patients who have short, sparse or light eyelashes.

Patients who have light-colored eyes, a diagnosed eye condition (like glaucoma, macular edema or ocular surface disease) or who intend to have LASIK may not be good candidates for the drug.

Patients who wear contact lenses can use Latisse, but they should never apply the medication while their contacts are in their eyes. Wait at least 15 minutes after using Latisse before putting in your contact lenses.   

How to Use Latisse?

While Latisse is easy to use, you should always follow these steps to maximize the effects of the prescription and keep your eyes safe:

  1. Clean your face and remove both makeup and contact lenses before using Latisse. Wash your hands immediately before using it to ensure that germs do not get in your eye.
  2. Squeeze one drop of Latisse into the applicator while it lays flat in your hand or on a counter. Place the drop right next to the applicator’s tip rather than directly on the tip. Be careful during this process so you do not waste any additional drops.
  3. Wipe the applicator across the length of the upper eyelash. Make sure the drop does not end up on your lower lash or in the eye.
  4. Your lashes do not need to be too wet for it to work. If there is excess Latisse on the eyelashes, gently blot it off with a tissue, again avoiding direct contact with the eyeball.

What is Latisse Recovery Time?

Luckily, you should experience no significant downtime while using Latisse. You may experience some mild discomfort when applying the drop to your eyelash, but it should be momentary. In the unlikely case that you develop ongoing irritation or eye redness, or if the pigment of your eyelid darkens, you should discontinue use of Latisse.

How Much Does Latisse Cost?

Facial Plastic Surgeon Miami, FLThe price of Latisse generally falls between $100 and $200 for a 30-day supply. The price may be lower if you buy in bulk. You should not expect your health insurance to help cover the cost of Latisse since its primary purpose is cosmetic in nature.

Discuss Latisse with Dr. Craft

Because Latisse is a prescription medication, it must be obtained through a licensed healthcare provider like Dr. Christopher Craft. As an aesthetic specialist, he is happy to discuss the details of the drug and write a prescription so you can attain the beautiful lashes you have always wanted. Please call (305) 596-9700.

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