3 tips for choosing the right red to enhance your sex appeal

Posted on September 12, 2014 by

We recently discussed on this blog how it may be possible to dramatically increase your sex appeal just by wearing the color red. Hollywood stars clearly got the memo at the 2014 Emmy Awards — stylists declared red the color of the evening. But depending on your complexion and hair shade, you may need to pick your particular rosy hue with care.

Here are some tips for finding and wearing a shade of red that flatters you, whether you’re choosing a gown or a lipstick:

  • Determine your coloring: The first step to deciding which red is your best bet is to determine your personal skin tone. Global Post recommends looking at the insides of your wrists. Are your veins mostly blue? Then you likely have cool coloring. Green veins indicate a warmer complexion. 
  • If you’re cool: If you have naturally cool coloring, Real Simple magazine suggests choosing reds with pink or blue undertones, like cherry red, crimson and ruby. 
  • If you’re warm: Those with warmer complexions should try to favor reds that have a little more orange or yellow, such as fire-engine, poppy or coral-based red. 

Once you’ve identified which group of reds works best for you, have some fun and mix it up! Instead of a little black dress, try to find a scarlet option that you can dress up for a night on the town or down for brunch with the girls. Try rocking a bold lipstick in your shade of choice. If you’d rather start slow, you can also experiment with wearing red accessories like belts and scarves.

If you are interested in exploring surgical and non-surgical options for enhancing your natural sex appeal, contact Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery. As one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami, Christopher Craft, M.D., can help you meet your aesthetic goals! 

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