Are ‘vacation breasts’ the next big thing in cosmetic surgery?

Posted on November 12, 2014 by

If you have always wondered what it would be like to have larger breasts – but aren’t sure of making the full-time commitment – there might soon be a way for you to test it out.

According to Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, temporary breast implants – or what he has dubbed “vacation breasts” – could be available for public use as early as 2016. What the new implants will do is give the real look and feel of enhanced breasts, but they will only last two to three weeks. This is a step up from Dr. Rowe’s “insta​-breast”, which only lasts 24 hours.

Dr. Rowe says that this new technology is perfect for a special occasion – such as a wedding, graduation, or vacation – but more importantly will help women decide whether or not they actually want to take the plunge and invest in bigger breasts. This will provide a very real opportunity that 3D imaging and bra implants are not able to replicate successfully.

“You can use 3-D imaging and put implants in bras. but it’s another thing to see what the weight will actually feel like and what it will be like to live with the new breasts,” Dr. Rowe told ABC News.

While Dr. Rowe would not specify what chemicals are being used, he assured the news source that they are made from materials that are already widely used in the medical community for other purposes. The cost, he said, will ultimately depend on how popular this temporary surgery becomes once available.

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