Are we ready to own up to our Miami plastic surgery?

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Given that America leads the rest of the world in the number of cosmetic procedures performed from year to year, it is somewhat fascinating how tight-lipped we can be about our visits to Miami plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery has certainly become more widely accepted, leading some celebrities to speak openly about their tummy tucks and nose jobs, but for the most part this subject still seems a bit taboo. Even though it is everyone’s right to love the way they look, there is still a sense that going under the knife to accomplish this is something to be ashamed of.

Not so in South Korea. In the booming world of K-pop, plastic surgery is the norm, and the willingness of the country’s biggest stars to broadcast their enhancements has even been linked to a surge in surgery rates throughout the capital of Seoul and the rest of the nation. Even Psy, the mastermind behind “Gangnam Style,” admitted that he was encouraged to go under the knife earlier in his career (though he opted not to). While some people may be alarmed by South Korea’s seemingly lax attitude toward plastic surgery, it is undoubtedly refreshing to see high-profile celebrities talk so honestly about their physical hangups and the steps they took to become the flawless figures that are broadcast on TV screens, magazine covers and elsewhere.

Recently, celebrity website Popdust discussed the cosmetic transformations of one of Korea’s most popular groups, Brown-Eyed Girls. The members of this group have changed dramatically in the years since they first enjoyed commercial success, and rapper Miryo even admitted that some people didn’t recognize her because of her altered appearance. However, rather than trying to cover up their nose jobs and eyelid surgeries, the girls have embraced this reputation and even poked fun at it.

If you live in Miami and are considering plastic surgery, don’t let a perceived stigma stop you. Contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today to find out of the cosmetic procedures are the right choice for you.

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