Dissatisfied with a previous procedure? Corrective plastic surgery may be right for you

Posted on October 2, 2013 by

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is a big one. It entails a sizable commitment financially, physically and emotionally, and should certainly never be taken lightly. But what happens when you go through the trouble of researching Miami plastic surgeons and determining the best procedure for you only to find that, once the bandages come off, you aren’t happy with the results?

If that is the case – much as you may hate to admit it at first – you could be an ideal candidate for corrective plastic surgery. After all, why should you be left feeling insecure and uncomfortable about the way you look when your nose job or breast augmentation was intended to help boost your confidence?

That was the exact conclusion that “Sixteen and Pregnant” star Farrah Abraham came to. The young mother has invested in multiple cosmetic alterations including breast implants and several facial procedures. Recently, though, she finally bit the bullet and turned to a plastic surgeon because she was unhappy with her chin implant.

“She was uncomfortable with the size of the chin […] so she just wanted it out,” Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the plastic surgeon who performed the removal, told Radar.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, don’t hesitate to contact a board-certified Miami plastic surgeon to discuss your options. As reluctant as you may be to go under the knife again after a disappointing procedure, it’s important to note that not all cosmetic surgeons are created equal. The best Miami plastic surgeon understands the importance of managing your expectations as well as handling a scalpel. Dr. Christopher Craft is an experienced plastic surgeon who will put your satisfaction and safety above all else.

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