Future queen of Spain had rhinoplasty

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King Juan Carlos of Spain announced at the beginning of June that he will soon abdicate the throne to his son, making Prince Felipe’s glamorous wife the country’s new queen. Princess Letizia, a former news anchor, has long had a reputation as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Princess Letizia is also quite open about the fact that she had a rhinoplasty operation back in 2008. The palace claims it was to fix “a breathing problem.” Regardless of the reason for the procedure, many people agree that it improved her appearance, giving her a more feminine, polished look. 

Many American beauties, such as Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Ashley Tisdale, have also attributed their nose jobs to deviated septums and other breathing issues. While the women say the operations dramatically improved their ability to breathe, they also represented big cosmetic changes, with smaller bumps and narrower bridges. 

Do you wonder if rhinoplasty could help you breathe and look better? According to Dr. Oz blogger Jonathan Aviv, MD, it’s important to do your homework and choose a board-certified surgeon. 

“Most people don’t realize that cosmetic surgery on the nose can, and often does, have an impact on one’s ability to breathe through their nose,” Aviv says. “So, in selecting a surgeon who has experience in performing cosmetic surgery on the nose, you want to ensure they have experience in addressing the non-cosmetic functions of the nose too… like being able to breathe well!”

As one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida, Dr. Christopher Craft has a comprehensive knowledge base that he draws on in addressing both physiological and cosmetic concerns. He can help you achieve a nose that help you breathe better and look great!

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