Maintain your youthful appearance by choosing the right sunscreen

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There’s nothing better than spending a warm summer day on the beaches of Miami. However, before you put on your bikini and soak up the sun, it’s important to protect your skin by using an effective sunscreen. A recent article published on health and wellness website PopSugar Fitness examines some of the key things you should look for when purchasing sunscreen. This way you can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer and avoid developing unsightly wrinkles and sunspots over the years. 

First, you’ll want to take note of the SPF—the number listed on the bottle. The source recommends choosing a number higher than 15 but lower than 50. You’ll also want to make sure you’re selecting a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. 

“UVB rays are responsible for burning as well as tanning your skin and are the main culprit responsible for skin cancer,” explains the news outlet. “And while UVA rays won’t cause a sunburn, they penetrate your skin more deeply, leading to signs of aging including wrinkles, saggy and leathery skin, and sun spots.”

Finally, if you plan to spend a lot of time in the ocean or the pool, it’s a good idea to get a water-resistant sunscreen. Just be sure to reapply it as directed, since water-resistant doesn’t necessarily mean waterproof. 

If you’ve already begun to see signs of facial wrinkles brought on by exposure to the sun and other factors, there are nonsurgical procedures that can improve your appearance and help you restore your youthful glow. Contact Dr. Christopher Craft, a cosmetic surgeon in Miami, to learn more about dermal fillers and other simple and painless solutions. 

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