Plastic surgeons question safety of proposed Botox clinic chain

Posted on July 24, 2013 by

Botox and other injectables have enjoyed a surge in popularity in Miami and beyond in the last few years, particularly because these procedures promise noticeable results with practically no downtime. However, just because injectables like Botox are becoming more popular, doesn’t mean that women in Miami should treat these procedures too lightly.

The administration of these treatments may seem straightforward, but like any form of cosmetic enhancement, there is always some degree of risk involved – which is why it is so important to visit an accredited clinic run by a certified plastic surgeon for even the most minor touch-ups.

That is exactly the argument that U.K. plastic surgeons are making in response to a proposal open a chain of Botox clinics. The Telegraph, a British publication, reports that Leah Totton, a 24-year-old physician who recently won the U.K. version of “The Apprentice.” has come under fire for her business plan. Totton received a substantial investment from Lord Alan Sugar, England’s answer to Donald Trump, and has said she plans to use the money to finance a chain of anti-aging clinics that will offer Botox injections, among other treatments.

“Surgeons have condemned the BBC [the network that airs ‘The Apprentice’] for its ‘trivialization’ of plastic surgery and warned [Totton] that without specialist training or experience, her foray into cosmetic procedures would be bad for an industry already suffering from lax regulation,” the news outlet stated.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that even relatively non-invasive treatments like Botox are still medical procedures that call for extensive training and experience to administer safely. Certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Christopher Craft have spent years learning about the aesthetic and clinical aspects of these treatments, to ensure that patients see the best results with the least risk.

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