Reality star discusses butt augmentation on Vlad TV

Posted on January 28, 2014 by

While once a relatively unknown procedure, butt augmentation surgery has become one of the most in-demand operations in Miami. As transformative as breast implants can be, it’s definitely refreshing to see derrieres get a bit of attention, as many women (and a few men) have always been a bit self-conscious about how they look in jeans.

One of the clearest signs that a plastic surgery procedure is taking off is when famous faces own up to their enhancements – or at least have to field questions about them. Even Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, two celebrities who are known for their curves, have had to announce to the world that yes, their booties are real. However, for all the women who covet the sultry silhouettes of these ladies, the recent confession of reality star Nya Lee may feel refreshingly honest and relatable.

Recently, the “Love & Hip Hop” cast member discussed her butt enhancement procedure in an interview with Vlad TV – an entertainment network run by DJ Vlad. “I got […] shots about four years ago,” she said, noting that she went for a more “natural” look instead of the extremes some women have opted for. Most importantly, she discussed the fact that the procedure she underwent – butt enhancement injections – was not FDA-approved, and therefore wasn’t offered by plastic surgeons in Miami or elsewhere.

While Lee’s procedure may have worked out well, there are many other instances where such injections have led to serious medical complications and even death. As such, if you’re interested in a curvier backside, protect yourself and ensure the best results by contacting a board-certified plastic surgeon about your surgical options.

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