Social media inspiring some to pursue cosmetic surgery

Posted on August 27, 2013 by

Anyone who spends time on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter probably has a couple exceptionally beautiful friends. This often causes people to develop feelings of envy and notice their own imperfections and flaws that they wish they could do something about.

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for a look you’re unhappy with. Instead, you can contact a Miami cosmetic surgeon to discuss procedures that can enhance and improve aspects of your face and body that you wish were better. A recent article from local affiliate NBC Bay Area discusses the growth of social media-inspired cosmetic surgeries, and how these have improved the lives of those who underwent such procedures.

Some plastic surgeons in the area have also noticed that more young patients are showing up in their waiting rooms, influenced by the plethora of “selfies” (pictures individuals take of themselves) and how these photographs can highlight imperfect noses, lips and skin complexion.

“As a result of social media, we are getting some more younger people doing rhinoplasties because they are seeing their profile,” Dr. Mary Lynn Moran, a Bay Area plastic surgeon, told the source.

This trend is affecting not just women, but men as well. Many surgeons are reporting that their client base has seen a steady growth in the number of men who are seeking cosmetic procedures, likely due in part to greater social media exposure.

You can attain the look you’ve always dreamed of by calling Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery and scheduling a consultation to find out both female and male cosmetic surgery.

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