Some patients seeking plastic surgery procedures abroad

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The concept of medical tourism isn’t especially new, but it’s gained more attention in recent years due in part to the popularity of cosmetic surgery. Such procedures are typically cheaper to obtain abroad, where medical professionals in general earn less because of varying factors, including public health policies and increased competition. But this begs the question of whether undergoing such treatment in another country is as safe as having it performed stateside.

A recent article on Yahoo! highlights the booming plastic surgery business in Seoul and other East Asian countries, where doctors operate in a highly competitive environment that has caused the costs to plummet. The writer focuses on Singaporeans who have flocked to South Korea or Thailand for low-cost cosmetic procedures, particularly several high-profile beauty and lifestyle bloggers who have been very public about the work they had done.

“To do the nose job I want, it would cost $7,000 and above (in Singapore),” Qiu Qiu, a notable writer in Singapore, told the source. “If you include follow-up fees and consultation, it would work out to $8,000 and above, easily.”

The situation is no different in the United States. Because cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by typical medical insurance policies, patients have to choose which is more important: Getting an operation from a physician you trust even if it costs more, or traveling abroad to have it performed by a doctor who has different laws, regulations and safety standards to follow. Something to keep in mind is that different countries have varying policies on follow-up procedures in the event that something goes wrong. By sticking with a Miami cosmetic surgeon instead, you can rest assured that you’ll be in the hands of a certified plastic surgeon who maintains the highest professional standards. To schedule a consultation, contact Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery today.

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