Try these natural remedies for skin wrinkles

Posted on July 30, 2013 by

If you’re spending a lot of time in the Florida sun, you run the risk of developing wrinkles over time, as the ultraviolet light can cause your skin to dry out. While applying lotions and anti-wrinkle cream are a given for these situations, you may be a bit nervous about applying all those synthetic substances to your face.

But there are plenty of homemade, natural solutions that can help restore some of the smoothness and moisture to your skin, leaving you with a healthier look and improved complexion at the same time:

  • Red Book Magazine, a women’s lifestyle publication, recommends a mixture of olive oil and carrot seed extract, along with frankincense or lavender, which can improve elasticity and smoothness. “Many natural oils contain linoleic acid, which helps skin retain water,” Leslie Baumann, M.D., a Miami Beach dermatologist, told the source.
  • Discovery Fit & Health says that consuming more antioxidants can help boost the firmness of facial skin, as these help neutralize free radicals, which can often lead to a drier, damaged complexion.
  • U.S. News suggests topical vitamin C, which can boost collagen levels and provides a safe alternative to creams that normally contain vitamin A, known to cause birth defects at high levels of exposure.

If these remedies don’t work, it may be time to consider contacting a Miami plastic surgeon to find out about other solutions. At Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery we specialize in facelifts, chemical peels and other procedures that can restore your skin to make it look healthier, firmer and more youthful. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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