Turning to uncertified plastic surgeons can be costly and dangerous

Posted on May 20, 2014 by

If a person chooses to undergo plastic surgery, the reasons are ultimately theirs alone. Whether they’re looking to feel better about themselves on the inside by changing something on the outside, or simply want to do away with a physical blemish that has bothered them all their lives, it’s all their own business. But whatever your reason may be for going under the knife, it’s imperative that you only seek out board certified plastic surgeons to perform the operation. Turning to less-than-credible places for help could have disastrous and costly results.

A Las Vegas woman going by the name “Jessica” traveled to Ciudad Juarez in Mexico to save money on a breast augmentation procedure. When Jessica returned home after the surgery, she suddenly felt very ill and her left breast ruptured, prompting her to immediately visit a local hospital for treatment.

“She had terrific infections on both breasts, skin loss, some real problems,” her new doctor told local news affiliate FOX 5 Vegas. “We had to babysit for her for six months before we could even touch them surgically to get the open wounds to heal.”

Unfortunately, Jessica isn’t the first person to travel out of the country to have cosmetic work done. By not spending the money on visits for follow-up care — as well as subjecting herself to potentially harmful conditions, like different methods for training or sterilization — Jessica ended up paying twice as much on subsequent reconstructive surgeries as she did on the initial operation.

Patients looking to have a cosmetic procedure done can avoid all of these costly pitfalls and potential health problems by only visiting American board certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Christopher Craft. As one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida, Dr. Craft can provide you with the look you’ve always wanted.

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