Twins undergo plastic surgery together to look alike

Posted on May 12, 2014 by

Twins Jo and Kerry Burton are hoping to find two fountains of youth. The 38-year-old British sisters have done everything together since birth, so it’s no surprise that they have opted to have a series of plastic surgeries to keep them looking alike.

The plastic surgery began when Jo, then 26, noticed crow’s feet appearing around her eyes and thought it was time for an eye lift. Kerry soon took her lead and the two twins were ‘delighted’ with the results. After the Botox, both women desired to fix their straight nose by adding more curve to this feature.

Since then, the duo has had an array of other surgeries. Their most recent operation was in January when they underwent another breast enlargement, going from a DD cup to an E on the same day.

“They have had two breast enlargements, identical nose jobs, eye-lifts, tattooed eyeliner, facials, spray tans, manicures and pedicures,” reports the Daily Mail. “Twice a year they even have Botox together – at the same time, naturally, so they age at the same rate.”

Jo and Kerry look so similar that it’s difficult to tell the two apart. They hope that they can continue to fight time and gravity together.

Whether you’re a twin or not, you can still take steps to find the fountain of youth. No matter which type of cosmetic procedure you’re hoping to get—whether it’s rhinoplasty, breast enlargement surgery or a Brazilian butt lift—you can rely on Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft to give you the personal care and attention you deserve and deliver perfect results. Be sure to make a consultation appointment today. 

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