Without a board certified plastic surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift can be deadly

Posted on April 17, 2014 by

Previously on this blog, we’ve written about how important it is for people who are choosing to undergo plastic surgery to select one of the many board certified plastic surgeons in the United States. Breast implants, Brazilian butt lifts and other procedures are complex surgeries that should only be performed by the most qualified professionals in the industry. Otherwise, the risk of experiencing dangerous complications increases. 

According to the Miami New Times, 51-year-old Naples, Florida, resident Maribel Cardon died following complications associated with a Brazilian butt lift. The source reports that Cardon’s oxygen level and blood pressure dropped minutes after the procedure was completed and that she ultimately died of a lung embolism. 

During a Brazilian butt lift, doctors take fat from certain parts of the body and inject it into the buttocks. However, if the fat is injected too far in, the fatty tissue can then enter the bloodstream and cause serious complications. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to only trust board certified plastic surgeons with this procedures. 

“[Cardon’s] surgeon was Dr. Anthony Hasan,” reports the news outlet. “He’s not a licensed cosmetic surgery specialist, but a dermatologist. However, under Florida law, any licensed doctor can perform plastic surgery. He claims he’s been performing surgeries since 1999 with no prior incidents.”

If you’re hoping to get a Brazilian butt lift, don’t put your body – and your life – into the hands of just any doctor. Dr. Christopher Craft is a board certified plastic surgeon who can help you get excellent results in a safe manner. 

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