Would you get plastic surgery to resemble a celeb?

Posted on January 16, 2014 by

Looks certainly matter in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise that so many plastic surgery patients look to famous actors, actresses and other entertainers as an inspiration. Who wouldn’t want a curvaceous backside like Beyonce, or a flawless, slender nose like Halle Berry? However, everyone is different, and often the best results are achieved when a Miami plastic surgeon combines your ideal with their knowledge of aesthetics to determine the best features for your face and figure.

So, what do plastic surgeons in Miami do when potential patients have a veritable blueprint for their procedure? Recently, cosmetic surgeons from across the country spoke with The New York Times about the trend of requesting features from another face.

“About once a month, someone comes in who wants to look like a family member, friend or celebrity. One guy wanted to look like his cousin who was a model,” said Dallas facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam.

In these cases, board-certified plastic surgeons have been taught to gauge the underlying motivations behind each patient’s request. Often, procedures like a nose job, breast augmentation or tummy tuck can help patients feel better about the way they look, but qualified professionals know to sniff out signs of latent body issues that could spur an obsession. This is one of the greatest benefits of consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami who will ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your health and happiness.

Dr. Christopher Craft has been helping men and women in Miami love the way they look for years. Contact Dr. Craft today to find out if your ideal is achievable.

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