3 bizarre plastic surgeries Americans request

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Plastic surgery often follows a pattern, as every few years there will be a new surgery that comes along that promises to be better for you and produce results like nothing you have ever seen before. There are always the staples of the cosmetic surgery industry – tummy tucks, breast augmentations, facelifts – but new trends that emerge. Some of the procedures that people want to have done can seem inherently strange, even if they create the results and look that the patient was seeking in the first place. With plastic surgery, advancements and trends are always developing.

“After being in this practice for almost 40 years, I’ve seen new things come and go,” Richard Ellenbogen, a California-based plastic surgeon, told Yahoo News. “There are only a few things that have really stuck on and that have actually gotten better as time goes on.”

Here are a few of the most bizarre plastic surgery procedures that Americans requested in large numbers throughout 2014:

  • Earlobe reconstruction: This procedure is cosmetic, and mainly involves doctors putting together an earlobe that has been torn apart, likely by an oversized piece of jewelry. In fact, this plastic surgery has become very common among young people who have gauges put in their ears and then take them out, as the skin is not able to repair itself and heal properly. Without this surgery, many would be left with a gaping hole where their gauge used to be.
  • Eyelash transplants: While hair replacement surgery is nothing new, now people are looking to have the smaller hairs above their eyes replaced. This is available for people who feel that their lashes are too thin and could use some volume. There are a couple of downsides to this procedure, as it is very complicated, so there are few plastic surgeons who will take it on. Once the new eyelashes are in they look impressive, though the hair continues to grow so the lashes will have to be trimmed just like any other hair.
  • Vacation breasts: If you are interested in trying out larger breasts – or would just like them for a special occasion – you can try vacation breasts. They are an artificial way to pump up breast size, but they are only temporary and can last, at most, two to three weeks. They are created using an injectable liquid that eventually dissolves, which will leave the woman who undergoes this procedure with breasts of their natural size and shape when the liquid wears out. The procedure is expected to become even more popular among women over the course of the next several years.

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