3 ways to help your tummy tuck recovery process

Posted on December 1, 2014 by

After having an abdominoplasty in Miami, you will need some time to let your body recover. This is a part of the process as important as the surgery itself, as you want to make sure that the end result of the procedure is a body you can truly be proud of. The recovery time will likely vary from person to person, but generally you should expect about two months to pass before you feel like your normal self once again. As long as you follow some easy guidelines, you will have no problem recovering as quickly as possible.

Here are a few tips to help that recovery process:

  • Make arrangements: If you are normally on your feet at all hours of the day caring for and managing your family, you will need to cut back in the immediate future. Be sure to have your normal tasks handled so you can focus on resting and recovery.
  • Take your temperature: You should be in the habit of taking your temperature regularly, as an elevated number could be a sign of infection. Keep an eye on it at least once every couple of hours to ensure accuracy.
  • Walk around: While you might not feel completely up to it at first, it is so important that you walk around once you get home after the surgery. Movement will help ease the swelling you will experience, as well as preventing your blood from clotting.

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