‘Botched’ doctors fix woman’s uneven breast implants

Posted on August 11, 2014 by

We’ve been following new reality television show “Botched,” which features two plastic surgeons in Southern California as they correct improperly performed cosmetic procedures. In the latest episode, we were particularly touched by the plight of Salina, a young woman who struggled with negative body image issues and had already undergone two breast augmentation surgeries.

Salina had her first operation in 2004 after spending years unhappy with her flat chest and enduring cruel teasing by her peers. She says that she was so excited by the idea of having breast enlargement surgery that she did not do her homework by identifying reputable and board certified plastic surgeons and asking to see examples of their past work. Instead she simply went to the first doctor she found, and the procedure left her with overly round, hard and unnatural looking breasts.  

Unfortunately, she was unable to afford corrective surgery at the time and lived with the disappointing implants for almost a decade, according to plastic surgery blog Real Self. She finally underwent a follow-up procedure, but she didn’t properly follow her doctor’s instructions and removed her post-surgery support bra too soon. She was left with one breast that sagged much lower than the other. 

Luckily the Botched doctors were able to repair the damage, giving Salina the bust she always dreamed of. 

“I could never imagine going lingerie shopping before,” Salina told the show’s audience. “Now I feel super sexy. [My boyfriend] Eric is falling even more in love with me, and not because I look sexier, but because he sees this whole new confident me.”

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