Some college students getting back-to-school plastic surgery

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When most of us think of back-to-school season, we think of freshly sharpened pencils, new notebooks and … breast implants? Some college-age students are taking advantage of the last stretch of the summer holiday to get the body they have always wanted, according to ABC News. Summer break is an excellent time for students and teachers to schedule major cosmetic surgery because they have plenty of time to recover and can be as discreet as they would like about having an operation. 

College student Kaelyn O’Rourke told ABC News that she opted to have breast augmentation surgery to balance her figure. She said she had curvy hips but wore only a size 34-B bra.

“I totally thought my boobs were going to grow and they never did,” O’Rourke told the news network. “I just want a fuller chest because I’m a girl with hips.”

After her surgery the 24-year-old said she was thrilled with her new C-cup sized chest and went back to nursing school with renewed confidence. Another college student told ABC that getting breast reduction surgery — which took her from a 34-DDD cup size to a regular D — was the best thing she ever did. 

The Huffington Post reports that girls are not the only ones getting pre-school cosmetic surgery. Young men may choose to have their ears pinned back, their nose adjusted or their breast tissue reduced. 

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