Can plastic surgery help you express yourself? Cher thinks so

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It’s a common misconception that undergoing plastic surgery is an act of vanity, or a means by which an individual can transform themselves to suit more conventional ideals of beauty. However, in truth, these procedures can actually serve as a tool of self-empowerment, enabling men and women in Miami to outwardly display the confidence, energy and individuality they feel inwardly.

There are few people who better exemplify this idea better than Cher. The world-renowned celebrity has undergone several cosmetic procedures in the decades since she skyrocketed to fame, and did not express a hint of regret about them during a recent interview with The New York Times.

The 67-year-old, who is currently promoting a new album, admitted up front that she has never liked aging, and is fully aware that her decision to remain wrinkle-free may well have limited her professional prospects to a certain degree. After all, her perfectly preserved features have essentially made it impossible for Cher to play any character but Cher, the source notes.

At the same time, her flawless skin, flowing black hair and quirky ensembles are all a part of her iconic stature.

“Cher sees herself for exactly what she is,” the source states, “and that doesn’t involve putting on Eileen Fisher palazzo pants and letting her hair go gray.”

Ultimately, it falls to you to determine how you want to present yourself. If you think that a breast augmentation, Botox injections or a Miami Mommy Makeover may help you feel more like your true self, then why let the misconceptions of others stand in your way? Dr. Christopher Craft is a board-certified Miami plastic surgeon who will treat you with the discretion and respect you deserve as you make this incredibly personal decision, and can answer any questions you may have.

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