Journalist calls for increased openness, acceptance of plastic surgery

Posted on July 8, 2013 by

Though cosmetic procedures like Brazilian butt lifts, nose jobs and Miami Mommy Makeovers have become more commonplace, there are still men and women who feel they have to conceal their interest in these enhancements because of a perceived stigma. It’s promising, for example, that so many big-name celebrities including Nicole Kidman and Jane Fonda have been open about the work they’ve had done. However, for every public figure who owns up to a nip and tuck, there are countless others who still keep it a secret.

And, according to Michele Willens, a reporter for The Atlantic, that has simply got to change. Willens notes that women in influential positions in particular may feel they can’t indulge in or admit to these treatments because they are already fighting against sexist preconceptions about female vanity. Taking steps to actively improve their appearance, then, could make it even more difficult to be taken seriously as actors, politicians, CEOs and other positions. 

Though this applies to many famous faces, Willens specifically focuses on Hilary Clinton, and the fact that her age and appearance will likely be referred to – directly or indirectly – if she follows through with a presidential bid in 2016. The journalist confesses that even as a supporter of the former Secretary of State, she has often thought that Clinton could benefit from a slight refresher, whether in the form of dermal fillers, Botox or a subtle face or neck lift.  

The end goal of these procedures, she clarifies, is not strictly to make women (and men) look younger, but to ensure that they appear as vibrant, alert and capable as they really are. Haven’t they earned the right to do so?

From one year to the next, the number of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States continues to soar. Why deny yourself the right to look as good as you feel? Contact Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today to discuss your options.

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