Getting back to yourself through plastic surgery

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Previously, we covered a recent study on plastic surgery that has widely publicized by the national media. Conducted by plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Zimm, the research revealed that people who underwent eyelid surgery and other facial procedures looked roughly three years younger on average. The study indicated that people who had these treatments were not seen objectively more attractive by strangers who saw their post-op pictures.

While some have claimed these findings will deter men and women from consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon, TIME magazine points out that this mindset is based on a common misconception about plastic surgery in general. One of the greatest benefits of these procedures, after all, is the confidence it can bring. Tummy tucks, face lifts, Botox injections – all of these treatments have the power to remedy physical concerns that may keep you from feeling comfortable in your own skin, or even recognizing yourself as the person you once were.

“I suspect that the majority of plastic-surgery recipients aren’t so much trying to look younger or more beautiful as they are trying to look more like themselves: the heavy-lidded middle manager and weekend triathlete who is fatigued only in appearance; the empty nester whose jaw line has succumbed to gravity in what feels like an acute act of betrayal,” writes TIME reporter Anna Holmes.

To truly reap the benefits of plastic surgery, you must have a firm grasp of what these procedures can achieve. To learn more about confidence-boosting operations that may change the way you see yourself, contact board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today.

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