Is plastic surgery in this “Veep” star’s future?

Posted on August 9, 2013 by

It’s easy for young men and women in Miami to say that they plan to age gracefully, and would never consider going under the knife. However, all of that can change once the first signs of wrinkles and sagging skin start to appear. For people in the public eye, these physical indicators can be all the more jarring, since their appearance is continually displayed and scrutinized by the media and the general public. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, formerly of “Seinfeld” and now starring in “Veep,” touched on the odd experience of seeing herself grow older on screen.

“Watching yourself age on camera is amazing. Well, it’s not amazing, but it is a bizarre thing to witness in public,” she told Health magazine in July. “All of a sudden, when I turn my head, it’s like, What the hell is that doing there? That definitely wasn’t there before!” she said of the loose skin along her neck.

For now, the celebrity told the news outlet that she relies on scarves to conceal this common sign of aging, but for many women, this development and other physical transformations can severely impact their self-confidence.

If you’ve noticed that the skin around your eyes has started to sag, or that time and gravity have taken their toll in other ways, consider contacting a Miami plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Dr. Christopher Craft is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped countless men and women in Miami feel great about the way they look.

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