If you want to turn back the clock, don’t wait too long

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One of the biggest concerns than many people have about plastic surgery – particularly when it comes to anti-aging treatments – is that it won’t look natural. We’ve all seen examples of nips and tucks gone wrong, and no one wants to be the subject of whispers and speculation. The best way to prevent this, one cosmetic surgeon suggests, is opting for dermal fillers, eyelid surgery and other types of facial rejuvenation sooner rather than later.

“I prefer to do small, incremental procedures,” says Dr. Robert Jetter, a plastic surgeon based in the New York area, said in an interview with Hamptons.com. 

In general, the source notes that men and women who are considering an anti-aging procedure shouldn’t “wait until there’s so much to correct you come out of surgery a new [person] – one that is, your friends might not recognize.”

That being said, in the hands of a skilled Miami plastic surgeon, it may be possible to produce incredible anti-aging results that don’t necessarily broadcast to the world that you’ve had work done. Even if friends, family members and colleagues do notice a change in your appearance, if you look great after your procedure, chances are they’ll just ask for a referral!

Dr. Christopher Craft is an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you determine the best approach to meet your anti-aging needs. Contact us today to discuss the pros and cons of specific procedures intended to turn back the clock to body enhancement operations that can transform your figure.

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