Study shows no hard evidence to back facial exercises

Posted on January 23, 2014 by

We all have our own strategies to combat signs of aging, whether it’s a topical cream we apply each night or a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Some men and women also rely on facial exercises that can supposedly prevent the formation of various wrinkles and creases. However, according to a recent review published by Aesthetic Surgery Journal this month, there simply isn’t enough data to suggest that anti-aging facial exercises actually do anything.

“This is the first systematic review to look at the effectiveness of facial exercises for facial rejuvenation, and shows that we are really lacking evidence when it comes to the claims that facial exercises can rejuvenate the face,” said Aesthetics Surgery Journal Editor-in-Chief Dr. Foad Nahai in a press release from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Facial exercises have gotten a decent amount of media attention in the last year, particularly when the branding of “face yoga” was introduced in 2013. Techniques include holding different poses, such as puffing out cheeks and pursing your lips, in a bid to stimulate collagen production. Further research is necessary to figure out of pinching and pursing your face really can turn back the clock, but for now researchers say there just isn’t enough grounds to recommend these exercises.

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