Michelle Pfeiffer shares views on plastic surgery

Posted on November 14, 2013 by

Some women just never seem to age, and stunning starlet Michelle Pfeiffer is one of them. The blonde-haired beauty is every bit as striking now as she was in the days of “Dangerous Minds,” and recently dished on the steps she would take to preserve her appearance

In an interview with The Inquisitr, the 55-year-old explained that though she doesn’t mind looking her age, she would of course be open to cosmetic enhancements that could turn back the clock.

“If I thought it would look better, I would [undergo cosmetic surgery]. I’m all about, ‘Do it so you can’t tell it’s been done.’ You know what? I’m good with that,” she said in her refreshingly frank interview.

The issue for Pfeiffer arises among men and women who get a bit overzealous with the scalpel, opting for more extreme features that may not enhance their appearance in the way they intended. Given these statements, it’s likely that Pfeiffer may have a few Botox injections or dermal fillers in her future, as these non-invasive measures can produce subtle yet striking anti-aging results.

Ultimately, though, the decision to invest in a nip and tuck is a personal one. If you believe you will feel more confident, or even more like yourself, after consulting a Miami plastic surgeon. then by all means why not do so? Dr. Christopher Craft is an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon who can advise you on the ideal procedures to achieve your desired outcome with minimal risk..

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