Taking to the air this holiday? Look fresh-faced when you land

Posted on November 13, 2013 by

The holiday season is all about reuniting with loved ones, some of whom you may not have seen in quite some time. This has also sparked a consistent rise in demand for cosmetic procedures in the weeks before Thanksgiving, as people in Miami seek to reverse any lingering sun damage and rejuvenate dead or sagging skin before the festivities commence.

In addition to consulting a Miami plastic surgeon about non-invasive treatments like dermal fillers and Botox injections that can give you a tauter, more youthful look just in time for the holidays, consider these suggestions to help you stay vibrant even after a long day of traveling.

First – stay hydrated. This is key in any skincare regimen, but is especially important if you’ll be flying anywhere this season. The air on planes is notoriously dry, and can give your skin an aged and ashen appearance if you don’t take action with moisturizers and misters. Also be sure to drink plenty of water over the course of your trip to counteract this frustrating effect.

Second – go easy with the cover up. If you notice that the initial benefits of the concealer you applied are diminishing over the course of your flight, the answer is never to cake on more. This can lead to cracking and creasing that actually contributes to an aged look. Instead, take some moist towelettes with you and wipe of the original layer before reapplying. Your skin will thank you for it later.

Third – take note of what you can and can’t have on board. Recently, a TSA representative spoke with the Travel Channel about this concern, noting that lipsticks, cake mascara and other powders are ok to bring on board, but liquid-based cosmetics will be subject to restrictions.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be poised to look your best this Thanksgiving, wherever you may be traveling. Contact a plastic surgeon in Miami like Dr. Christopher Craft today to discuss potential treatments before you take off.

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