More women seeking “thigh gap” operations

Posted on June 3, 2014 by

The so-called “thigh gap,” the space between a pair of well-toned thighs, has taken the American media by storm. Dozens of famous actresses and models have been seen flaunting their thigh gaps on the covers of magazines, on Instagram and in paparazzi photos. Some have been praised for their taut, super-fit legs, while other have been criticized for allegedly photoshopping thigh gaps where they don’t really exist. Now, with bikini season upon us, more and more typical American women are pursuing thigh gaps of their own.

While eating right and hitting the gym are the first steps toward achieving the perfect thigh gap, it’s not always possible to reach your goal through diet and exercise alone. Excess fat in the upper leg can be some of the hardest to get rid of, and for some women it might be physically impossible to achieve a natural thigh gap no matter how healthily they eat or how much they work out. That’s why many are turning to targeted liposuction to eliminate that stubborn thigh tissue. 

“We are seeing a major increase in interest because people are finally realizing this is possible,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Aaron Rollins recently told Inside Edition. 

The thigh gap is a very popular look right now, but it’s not just about appearance. Some women with excessive fatty deposits in their inner thigh area may even experience extreme physical discomfort when their legs rub together. 

If you’re interested in exploring surgical options for creating or enhancing a thigh gap, contact Dr. Christopher Craft, one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida. Liposuction procedures typically take between one and three hours, with swelling resolving within two to six months. Call Dr. Craft’s office to schedule a consultation today! 

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