Need a lift? Ask a Miami plastic surgeon about your non-invasive options

Posted on July 3, 2013 by

A face or neck lift can reap incredible benefit for men and women in Miami who are plagued by sagging skin and volume loss. However, not everyone requires such substantial procedures to look their best. Thanks to advancements in dermal fillers and other facial treatments, there are plenty of ways to counter frown lines, hollow cheeks and other age-related concerns, and a Miami plastic surgeon can help you choose the right route.

Recently, the Daily Mail – a U.K. publication – highlighted how certain non-invasive options like Botox injections and dermal fillers including Juvederm can provide age-defying results.

“I grew up in South Africa in the Seventies, when there was no such thing as sunscreen. The effects of sun damage, my old smoking habit and the menopause were visible in my face,” one 52-year-old London woman told the news outlet.

She explained that, in her case, a traditional face lift was out of the question because of a preexisting medical condition. However, through dermal fillers, she was able to restore firmness and volume to her face while diminishing the impact of her past habits.

“I can’t feel the filler at all. It just feels like my own youthful face – much plumper and bouncier,” she explained a month after her procedures, noting that she felt years had been taken off of her appearance.

If you are frustrated with the way you look, contact a Miami cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options. Dr. Christopher Craft is a board-certified plastic surgeon who can give you a comprehensive overview of the treatment options available to you.

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