Will My Lip Augmentation Results Look Natural?

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Lip Augmentation in MiamiHaving plump lips is generally considered attractive, but we have all seen celebrities with lips so oversized that they couldn’t possibly be real. Most patients who are interested in augmenting their lips are not keen to take their appearance to the extreme. For every social media influencer that you see with exaggerated lips, there are several more patients who have taken a subtler approach to lip augmentation. In this blog, Dr. Christopher Craft discusses some of the ways you can have dermal filler added to your lips without them looking artificial. 

Choose the Right Filler

Dr. Craft has an extensive selection of dermal fillers because each one offers different benefits to best address his patients’ varied cosmetic preferences. While some fillers are best for cheeks, the undereye area, and wrinkles, others are more ideal for volumizing the lips. To achieve more natural lip contours, Dr. Craft recommends fillers with small particle size that have a flexible gel. Some of the best options include Restylane Silk, Juvéderm Volbella, and Juvéderm Ultra. 

Take a Gradual Approach

If you are very concerned about how your lips will look after augmentation, you may want to start small and gradually add to your results when you return for injections in the future. With this incremental approach, you can finally arrive at your desired size without ever going too far, eventually settling on the right amount for your unique aesthetic goals.

Follow Aftercare Instructions

Swelling is common after an injectable treatment, which can make your lips seem even bigger than you requested. Be sure to follow your doctor’s tips to minimize swelling, which will include resting, keeping your head elevated, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding alcohol and salty foods.

Balance Between the Lips

Some patients make the mistake of only deciding to augment the upper lip. If the two lips are not in proportion to each other, this can make your mouth develop an undesirable “duck bill” look, so be mindful of maintaining balance.

Only Trust a Skilled Doctor

Although there are hundreds of places in Miami that offer cosmetic injectable treatments, many allow staffers with minimal training (i.e., not doctors) to perform lip augmentation. At his practice, Dr. Craft performs each injection personally. As a plastic surgeon, he has a keen understanding of how to use injectables to get the best results. He chooses the precise placement and amount of filler to make natural-looking contours.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Craft for fuller yet natural-appearing lips, please call 305-596-9700 today.

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