What Can I Do About Asymmetrical Breasts?

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Breast Augmentation MiamiThere is no question that the breasts are a physical characteristic closely linked to beauty and femininity. Overall confidence and self-esteem are often highly influenced by the appearance of the breasts. It is no wonder, then, that many women opt for cosmetic procedures to enhance their breasts. In addition to adding volume, breast surgery can be used to address asymmetry. Dr. Craft is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami with extensive surgical expertise. Read more about how cosmetic breast surgery can improve uneven breasts.

Significant Asymmetry

Most women’s breasts are not perfectly even, with slight differences in shape, size, and nipple appearance being common. However, these imperfections are usually minor and often go unnoticed. However, some women experience significant breast asymmetry, where one breast is significantly larger or at a different position than the other. In some cases, uneven breasts are even noticeable under clothing, making it difficult to feel confident showing off your figure. Finding clothing or bras that fit comfortably and are flattering can also be a challenge. Undergoing cosmetic surgery to correct breast asymmetry can usher in a boost in confidence.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry?

Uneven breasts may be the result of several things, including:

Natural variations: It is normal for certain parts of the body to develop slightly asymmetrically, such as the ears or legs. As such, asymmetrical breasts may be attributed to natural variations in your anatomy.

Hormonal changes: Hormone levels change as we go through puberty, which may lead to one breast developing more quickly than the other. Additionally, the breasts often change during other periods of significant hormone fluctuations, such as during pregnancy or menstruation. These changes can make the breasts look uneven.

Injury: Certain injuries to the breasts can cause significant swelling, which may take months to go away.

Your Options for Correcting Uneven Breasts

Breast augmentation can be beneficial to patients who want the smaller of the two breasts to match the other. Dr. Craft will use one implant to increase the size of the smaller breast. Breast augmentation is also useful for those who want both breasts to be enhanced. In these cases, a second, smaller breast implant will be placed in the larger breast, ensuring a fuller, symmetrical breast appearance.

Breast reduction can also be used in cases where the patient prefers the size of the smaller breast.

Dr. Craft will compose a treatment plan that may contain a strategic combination of breast surgeries to not only create symmetry in the size of the breasts, but also improve sagging, lift the breasts to a more appealing position on the chest, and improve the appearance of the nipples.

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Addressing breast asymmetry requires skill and experience. Dr. Craft utilizes the most advanced surgical techniques to produce outstanding results for his patients. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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