5 Things to Do During Your Recovery from Breast Augmentation

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After breast augmentation surgery, it may take six weeks or longer to fully recover. Certain practices can help patients feel more comfortable during this time.

Renowned Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft advises women on what they should do during their recuperation to optimize healing.

1. Take It Easy

After breast augmentation surgery, it is imperative to take it easy for at least a week. Most women may need prescription pain medication for the first few days post-surgery, but after that over-the-counter pain medications should take care of any discomfort. Prior to surgery, stock up on prepared meals, get laundry done, and arrange for someone to help you during the first few days you are home. Plan little treats for yourself, such as catching up on movies on Netflix or reading that bestseller you have heard so much about.

When a woman can go back to work depends on the nature of her job. Those performing relatively sedentary activities may return to work in one to two weeks, but if a lot of physical labor is involved, expect to stay home for several weeks.

2. Sleep Upright

For the first few days after the operation, many patients find sleeping upright in a recliner aids in pain and swelling reduction. Since women should limit their arm movements for a few days after the operation, sleeping upright avoids having to lift the arms to get in and out of bed.

Good sleep is key to healing, as it boosts the immune system, so make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. If sleep is an issue, cut back on caffeine and turn off your phone and other devices at least a half hour before going to bed.

3. Stay Comfortable

Wear loose-fitting clothing to stay comfortable. Not only will tight clothing increase pain from the surgery, but you do not want to constrict the affected area. Ice packs applied regularly for the first several days after surgery will also ease swelling.

4. Ease Into Exercise

Heavy lifting and vigorous exercise is out of the question for several weeks after surgery, but once the doctor gives the go-ahead, women may return to mild workouts. Walking is considered a good way to keep in shape while recovery is ongoing. Let your doctor know exactly what forms of exercise you intend to take part in, just in case a particular exercise is not advisable.

5. Sleep on Your Back

For best results after your surgery, do not sleep on your stomach or sides. Instead, sleep on your back as much as possible. For many women, this serves as a good long-term plan for sleep comfort.

For More Information, Contact Dr. Craft

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation surgery, arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Christopher Craft. Contact our Miami practice to schedule an appointment.

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