Improve Your Figure After Weight Loss with Butt Augmentation

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Brazilian Butt Lift in MiamiAfter losing weight, many individuals feel proud and deeply fulfilled, especially if the road to weight loss has been long or particularly difficult. This accomplishment can have a host of benefits, such as less joint pain and improved health. However, many patients still feel dissatisfied with certain aspects of their appearance after shedding the pounds, including a backside that is not as voluminous as desired. Dr. Craft is a trusted and highly qualified plastic surgeon who understands the body you have as well as the appearance you want. He offers Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL) to patients who want to enhance their backside and improve its contour. Learn more about the benefits of this surgery.

Changes in Your Appearance After Weight Loss

Individuals who have achieved weight loss understand that the body can change in several unexpected ways. Not only does the body get smaller but its proportions can change with respect to each other. A smaller figure can sometimes reveal new imperfections you may not have noticed before, such as a flat bottom. Even if you had full buttocks before losing weight, slimming down can reduce the size of the butt. Additionally, weight loss can leave behind pockets of fat throughout the body, resulting in a lumpy appearance and an unattractive bodily contour. While exercise can improve the look of the body and tone up certain areas, no amount of squats can achieve the permanent results of a BBL, which is why many patients undergo this surgery after losing a significant amount of weight.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL is a popular cosmetic surgery that is performed to increase the size and improve the shape of the buttocks. It also involves removing pockets of fat from the body. After surgery, patients will be able to enjoy the appearance of a larger, rounder backside that projects more. The areas of the body from which fat was collected will appear smoother, leaving patients with a comprehensive result.

Procedure Details

At the time of surgery, Dr. Craft will first harvest fat from areas where there is excess, known as donor sites. A small instrument known as a cannula will be inserted through an incision so that fat can be removed. The fat is then purified and inserted into various areas of the buttocks to increase its size. The upper portion of the butt often receives the bulk of the fat to create a noticeable improvement in contour. After the buttocks are treated, the incisions are closed and the treatment area is wrapped in a compression garment as you head into your recovery phase.

Schedule Your BBL Consultation in Miami

If you are ready to complement your weight loss results with a fuller backside, it is time to schedule your consultation with Dr. Craft. Contact our practice today to get started.

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