Patients are now opting for surgery to remove any ‘boot bulge’

Posted on November 21, 2014 by

Winter arrived a little early this year, as many parts of the country are dealing with freezing temperatures and even, in some cases, record-setting amounts of snow. For many people, winter means one thing – the chance to wear boots everywhere they go. If you are somebody who enjoys winter fashion largely because of the boots and heavier shoes you can now wear, you certainly aren’t alone and, in fact, some women are even going as far as to have plastic surgery to remove what is known as the “boot bulge”.

What exactly is a bottle bulge? It is when women who have calves that are a little on the large size cannot fit into tight boots comfortably, making it nearly impossible to wear or enjoy the boots that they want to love. Now, there is an option for these women to have the fat sucked out of their legs in order to make them more shapely and have the ability to fit into whatever boots they want to wear. According to New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, unhappiness with legs from the knee down is very common among patients.

“It’s definitely a thing,” Schulman told local reporters. “Especially this time of year when some women aren’t able to wear the boots they want.” Dr. Schulman went on to say it is now becoming increasingly popular for women to have their leg size reduced in order to have a larger range of options when it comes to their winter wear.

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