How to have a successful cosmetic surgery consultation

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If you are considering having cosmetic work done, you will need to do your homework before making any decisions. Altering your body in any way will be a permanent – and relatively pricey – move, so you need to have all the facts in front of you before deciding on what to do. One of the most important aspects of this process will be the consultation you have with the plastic surgeon before going under the knife. There are certain guidelines you should follow in order to make the meeting successful.

Here are a few tips for your plastic surgery consultation:

  • Ask for references: Before you commit to having the work done, you should ask for two or three names of patients from the past, so you can see what kind of work the surgeon does. This general idea will help to inform your choice.
  • Talk about the pros and cons: While the plastic surgeon will certainly want to highlight the benefits of the procedure you are looking to have, they should also be willing to talk about any potential drawbacks. You want to have all of the information possible so you can make a truly informed decision.
  • Trust your gut: When speaking to the plastic surgeon, see if you both click and you feel it is a good choice in your gut. You want to make sure that you are choosing this path both logically and emotionally.

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