Reasons Women Seek Breast Revision Surgery

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Breast Revision Surgery Miami FLBreast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. But some women are dissatisfied with their surgical outcomes and wish to remove their implants for cosmetic or medical reasons. Dr. Christopher Craft is widely recognized for his expertise in breast revision surgery, which is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. The procedure can help women achieve their unique goals and feel more satisfied with their appearance. In this post, Dr. Craft explains some of the reasons why his patients pursue breast revision surgery.

Implant Removal

At times, women may have their implants removed for health reasons or a desire to return to their natural breast appearance. Dr. Craft can remove the breast implants and excise any stretched skin. This restores a youthful and perky appearance to the breasts.

Change Implant Type

Silicone implants can be swapped for saline implants, or vice versa. Patients may also exchange older implants for updated implants after many years. To avoid increased scarring, Dr. Craft can typically use the original surgical incisions when removing the old implants and inserting the new pair.

Correct Implant Position

Breast implants require corrective surgery when they have been improperly placed. If implant pockets are positioned too closely or too far apart along the chest wall, or the implants have become displaced over time, Dr. Craft can reposition them to achieve a more natural appearance.

Change Implant Size

Implants can be replaced to increase or reduce the breast size. If smaller breast implants are used to replace larger implants, the existing breast pocket must be reduced. To accommodate larger implants, Dr. Craft enlarges the breast pocket instead.

Capsular Contracture Correction

Capsular contracture occurs because of scar tissue hardening around the breast implant. This painful complication is completely treatable by removing both the implant and surrounding scar tissue. New implants can be placed, if desired.

Breast Implant Complications or Illness

Although uncommon, breast implants can develop complications. There are a variety of conditions that may lead to the decision to remove implants, including leaking, rupture, visible rippling or breast implant illness.

How to Learn More

If you are unhappy with your breast augmentation results, or are experiencing implant complications, and would like to explore breast revision surgery, we are happy to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Craft. Contact Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery today.

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