Ask a Miami plastic surgeon: Does liposuction work on cellulite?

Posted on February 11, 2014 by

Cosmetic surgery can be an incredible and rewarding experience, but only if you have a realistic idea of what to expect. As the best plastic surgeons in Miami will tell you, committing to a procedure with the belief that it will completely transform your life and solve your problems can be a recipe for disaster.

Don’t get us wrong, if you’ve been frustrated with a specific feature or have grown increasingly self-conscious about signs of aging, a nip and tuck could be a major confidence-booster. However, every procedure has its limitations, and it’s important to understand this up front.

Today, we’ll touch on a common question patients have about liposuction. This minimally invasive procedure is a great way to target stubborn fatty deposits that no amount of dieting or exercise will eradicate. However, many patients at our Miami plastic surgery clinic also come in expecting liposuction to clear up other cosmetic concerns, particularly cellulite.

“While its popularity cannot be denied, doctors have warned that it may not be the most effective means by which cellulite can be reduced,” states the informational resource Smart Beauty Guide. “The procedure can help decrease pockets of fat found on the body and make the body appear slimmer, but it should not be considered for patients who merely want to reduce the appearance of cellulite.”

While liposuction may not be the best way to target cellulite, there are other cosmetic treatments including laser resurfacing that could have some effect. Check back with this blog to learn more about the pros and cons of different surgical offerings, or schedule a consultation with Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today.

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