Breast augmentation patients find creative ways to pay for surgery

Posted on November 11, 2013 by

While it’s not uncommon for plastic surgery patients to easily put down the entire sum of their breast augmentation in Miami, there are some folks who are not as well-endowed financially. Fortunately, in the past few years more funding opportunities have emerged, including crowd funding websites like 

Founded by California entrepreneurs Jay Moore and Jason Grunstra, gives women the opportunity to raise enough money to get breast implants by making their case to generous donors. It’s similar to a social networking website, where potential patients set up a profile and post pictures and information about themselves. 

Women who are interested in breast augmentation can join the site for free, while the donors pay a membership fee. Those interested in either partially or fully funding a procedure can also chat with the recipients to learn more about them. Since the site’s founding in 2008, it has raised over $12 million.

Like other internet funding platforms, has strict rules and regulations in place. Donors and recipients are not allowed to exchange any contact information, including email addresses. In addition, surgery patients do not have access to the money they raise. To prevent fraud, it is held in a trust until the full amount for a surgery is raised. At that point, the website directly pays the board certified plastic surgeon whom the patient had previously selected. 

Although only provides funding for breast implants, the site’s founders told that they plan on expanding the number of procedures offered, including mommy makeover surgery

If you are interested in learning how you can benefit from a breast enlargement in Miami, contact the office of Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Christopher Craft today!

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