Buffalo public schools spent $5.4 million on plastic surgery for teachers in 2014

Posted on January 20, 2015 by

When most people think about their healthcare benefits that they get from employers, most of the time those thoughts are relegated to monthly deductibles and what basic services are covered. But for teachers in the Buffalo public school system, there is a little more to the plans they have, as part of their union contract means they can have free cosmetic surgery.

While this provision of the contract has often been criticized by those in the community, this has not stopped teachers from taking full advantage of it, as their health plan covers everything from tummy tucks to breast enlargements. According to a new report from FoxNews.com, plastic surgery spending among educators rose nationwide in 2014.

The previous few years had seen dips in how much Buffalo public teachers were spending on their cosmetic surgeries. In 2010-2011, a total of $5.9 million was spent, a 37 percent drop from the previous year. The number then fell again the following year, but has since been on a two year upswing in 2013 and 2014.

Last year alone, the teachers spent $5.4 million on plastic surgery, a four percent increase from the $5.2 million spent in 2013. While the cosmetic surgery rider in the union contract has been a controversial one — especially as area schools have struggled to control spending across the board — it remains because the union hasn’t had a new contract in a decade.

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