Dear Abby suggests liposuction to tackle phantom “baby bump”

Posted on June 28, 2013 by

There are few exchanges more uncomfortable to witness – or experience – than when one well-meaning stranger asks a woman about their pregnancy, or dutifully offers up their seat on a crowded bus, only to find out that she isn’t expecting.

For one woman in Milwaukee, such interactions are an all too common occurrence, thanks for her penchant for carrying weight on her stomach.

“Despite many diets and exercise programs, I am unable to lose my belly,” she wrote to the national advice column “Dear Abby.”

“Strangers in shopping malls, at professional seminars and in hotels while traveling will ask me when I am due,” she explained, adding that she usually brushes off the exchanges with a self-deprecating joke about her weight.

Identifying herself as “Not a Baby Bump in Milwaukee,” the writer implores the advice columnist for advice to put these inquiries to rest.

And, in a move that illustrates just how mainstream plastic surgery has become, Abby replied that, if dietary changes, exercises and support garments fail, the best option may be “to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon about liposuction.”

Procedures like liposuction, breast lifts and tummy tucks can have extensive benefits for women who, courtesy of genetics and other factors, may find themselves in the awkward position of refuting these uncomfortable questions.

If you have long been self-conscious about a certain attribute, contact a board-certified Miami plastic surgeon about your options today. Dr. Christopher Craft has helped many women regain their pre-baby bodies with a Miami Mommy Makeover, and has assisted countless others in targeting their problem areas through surgical means.

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