Don’t let this happen to you: A botched breast augmentation abroad

Posted on March 13, 2014 by

Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States for years, and can have truly transformative effects on your figure and self-confidence. However, just because a procedure is relatively common, doesn’t mean just anyone can perform it effectively. It’s understandable to assume that most of the complications and kinks have been ironed out of breast augmentation surgery, but the truth is that many under-qualified professionals have started offering this treatment to make a quick buck on growing demand.

The expansion of medical tourism – when Americans choose to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad – can be a particularly attractive yet dangerous alternative to the best plastic surgeons in Florida. The idea behind this concept is to pay less for the surgery itself while enjoying a luxury vacation to boot. However, going this route puts many patients in a very perilous position, especially if something goes on. Recently, the U.K. Daily Mail interviewed 30-year-old Nicole Burnett, who experienced severe disfiguration after her breast augmentation surgery in Turkey.

According to the source, Burnett was unhappy with the way her breasts sagged, so she decided to travel abroad to receive cheap breast implants. Initially, everything seemed fine after surgery. Just three weeks later, though, Burnett noticed a worrying change.

“The right breast had really started to grow in size and the left breast scar had opened up and had started to look kind of yellowy,” she said. “Over the course of the next couple of days, things just kept getting worse. The right breast was huge and it felt so sore, it felt like it was going to burst.”

Breast implant surgery is ultimately a medical procedure, so you need to know you are in the right hands. American board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Christopher Craft are held to rigorous standards to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their patients.

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