How others may interpret those frown lines and under-eye bags

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While the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is ultimately a personal one, it’s likely that the perceptions of others may be a factor. After all, whether consciously or unconsciously, most people associate certain facial features and attributes with various character traits, from a strong commanding jaw line to stern, thin lips. If you work in the public eye, especially, the way you look could even impact your professional success to some degree.

The New York Post recently highlighted this phenomenon in a playful piece on the city’s upcoming mayoral election. The news outlet spoke to local plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Scheiner about each candidate in the race, and which cosmetic procedures could make them seem more authoritative or likeable.

Dr. Scheiner explained that many politicians seeking the post had traits that belied “stress, unhappiness and unhealthiness,” which could be off-putting to voters. He explained that one man with prominent lower lids looked “tired and older,” but could easily be remedied with eyelid surgery.

Of course, voters, employers, business partners and other associates don’t make these decisions based on looks alone, but it’s undeniable that appearance does play a part in the overall impression we make on each other. This story serves to highlight just how much others may read into your appearance – and how wide-sweeping the ramifications could be.

Are you often asked if you look tired? Or worry that your outward appearance simply doesn’t reflect the vibrant, energetic person you are? If so, contact Dr. Christopher Craft today to find out if a few slight enhancements can help.

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