Is plastic surgery the new normal?

Posted on February 14, 2014 by

Ten years ago, undergoing a facelift or breast augmentation was sure to start a buzz of gossip. Now, though, these cosmetic enhancements have become relatively commonplace. Of course, the decision go under the knife is still a serious one that should not be taken lightly. However, as more people opt to enlist plastic surgeons in Miami to enhance their appearance, it seems like a new anti-aging standard has been set.

Recently, a writer for the Guardian, a British newspaper, commented on the rise of nips and tucks in the United Kingdom, asking if these treatments are “a normal part of modern life.”

“Nobody is surprised that more people are going for [plastic] surgery. Because as it is normalized, and advertised, and as more people choose it, yet more will choose it,” notes Eva Wiseman.

Many are quick to label the surge in plastic surgery as troubling, or somehow indicative that we’re becoming more dissatisfied with ourselves as we grow older – that aging gracefully is no longer an option. However, it could also be said that fewer people are choosing to resign themselves to feeling unattractive and, well… old. Cosmetic surgery, after all, isn’t about impressing others, but feeling good about ourselves. If more men and women are eager to embrace the chance to leave their physical hang-ups behind, why shouldn’t they?

Have you been considering a specific procedure? If so, make sure you consult a board-certified plastic surgeon who will be up front about the pros and cons. Dr. Christopher Craft has years of experience in this field, and will help you make the best decision for your desired results.

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