Lindsay Lohan’s half-sister shares why she got plastic surgery

Posted on September 27, 2013 by

There are plenty of reasons why you may be looking into plastic surgeons in Miami. Maybe you’ve always been insecure about your chest size, or want to recover your pre-baby body for a Mommy Makeover? Whatever the underlying cause, the decision to go under the knife is yours alone, no matter how much friends and family want to weigh in on the matter.

Ashley Horn, the 18-year-old half-sister of beleaguered actress Lindsay Lohan, has probably had to contend with plenty of judgment and miscomprehension over her choice to get cosmetic surgery. Horn recently showed off her new look in a feature for In Touch Magazine, and candidly revealed that her sister was her inspiration.

“My goal was to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old,” Horn said of the nosejob and other facial procedures she underwent. “I’m hotter than Lindsay! I have no problem saying that.”

Horn’s admission has been sparked considerable controversy, and her estranged father Michael Lohan has publicly expressed his disapproval. However, as we’ve expressed on this blog in the past, it is ultimately up to the patient and their plastic surgeon to evaluate the motivation behind any procedure and make sure it is the best choice for all involved.

One of the greatest benefits of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Christopher Craft is that these professionals have a thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations of any procedure, and are ultimately dedicated to your safety and satisfaction. A part of this commitment to your well-being means evaluating what is driving you to plastic surgery to determine if this really is the right option for you.

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